Leela Butterfly are:

Martine Clausen
Martine + Erik Clausen Born in the Netherlands, I have always been strongly attracted to the English and French languages. This resulted in my leaving for France at the age of 24, where I studied English at the Sorbonne and in Lyon. I have lived in France for eight years. Back in the Netherlands I gave birth to a daughter and a son.

At this moment I'm living the most wonderful phase of my life: the now. This also is the most exciting part because I have gone on a quest for myself. Last year during the Seduction of Spirit seminar, by Deepak Chopra, I was asked: Who are you? Well, reader, this may seem strange to you, but I could not answer this question at that time. I have been working on the answer ever since. It is a wonderful journey which sometimes stirs up a lot of emotions, but to which nothing on this planet can be compared.

The tool that helps me most with this search is meditation. Meditation has changed me to such an extent that I decided I wanted to teach others how to use this powerful tool. So I'm very proud to have become a Primordial Sound Meditation teacher, certified by Deepak Chopra, and to be part of his international network of instructors. I am also a certified Stress-counsellor.
The purpose in my life is to be able to do what makes me happy, because when I am happy, I radiate happiness and thus make others happy. My path is not straight and easy, on the contrary it is whimsical and fascinating. I don't know where it will lead, but the road is thrilling and exciting. I hope to be able to assist and inspire many people along the way. I am a butterfly and I dance and hopefully we will meet and we will dance together for a while so we can learn from each other!
Erik Clausen
Born in the Netherlands but feeling a strong connection with France. I have worked for one boss for many years. 15 of these years I lived and worked in France. When I turned fifty I started a new life and left my safe job for an adventure. This change turned out to be the link between the Erik of the past and the man I am today: Like most people I used to love security and, therefore, I did not like changes. It was very safe to work for one boss, for 25 years. But not anymore, I have crossed that threshold.
Through the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, I learned that holding on to the past forms a barrier to the infinite possibilities of the future. I learned Primordial Sound Meditation with Deepak and this has changed my life. At the moment I am a computer teacher, working free-lance, a very insecure and unstable situation. It does not bother me..
Besides I work as a chair-masseur. I decided to learn this, because relieving people of stress through massage is very rewarding. The blissful look on their faces after 15 minutes of massage is just wonderful.
I have no fears for the future, I trust the infinite organizing creative power of the Universe, and of course I also trust my own organizing power. I am responsible for my life and for my happiness. I take that responsibility and notice that the relaxation I experience during meditation actually integrates itself in my daily life. I no longer fancy a dazzling career, I just want harmony and peace, and to be able to transmit this to my children and all the people I encounter on my path through this life. Namasté!